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By looking at the specs, you can tell that the Q5's are right in the middle of the QTour and Q15, so it makes sense for that lineup. If they had the same stiffness as the Ki 5, they would basically be lighter QTours. 295g would be too light for a true player's spec racquet. I see the Q5 competing with the Wilson Juice, Head IG Extreme, and Prince Warrior.

The Ki 5/5x are the player's spec Ionic frames. I hope PK keeps making them because they are significantly different from the Q5; not just different specs but also different implementations of Kinetic technology. I suspect the days of the 5G and 7G are numbered.

As for a Q5+ and Q5 PSE, I doubt it. Personally, I'd rather see a QTour+, and who would want a 67 stiffness frame that's nearly 13 oz?

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