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Originally Posted by Tennis_Maestro View Post
Australian Open without a shadow of a doubt, the quality was top notch, the semi final between Novak and Andy that slam was pretty sic as well. Yup, the Australian Open final.

The French was ruined by the rain and the ugliness of the cold and pathetic French Crowd.

Wimbledon was okay, although ruined the moment Murray failed to take those 2 bps @ 15-40 and then the roof came down.

US Open was about the same as Wimbledon, but special because someone the tennis people wanted to win.

1) AO Final
2) US Open Final
3) Wimbledon Final
4) French Open Final
Lol, the US open final was awash with terrible choking and pushing to the max, not to mention the crap weather and the Monday play. Also the lesser player won. USO was the worst slam this year.
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