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Default Restringing a 1990s Dunlop Tour Revelation. Gut? Elbow help? Tension?

Just started playing tennis again, and looking to make new highs past 3.0. However, the elbow is killing me this time around. Yes, I am going to get lessons and change my swing entirely to address this, if need be.
Right now, I'm open stance and all arms. That said, I still want a racket/string combo that doesn't make things any worse.

My first racket is a 2006 era Head Liquidmetal Radical Oversize (107) that got restrung at 52 lbs. This thing has a 58 flex rating, so I think this is a very decent combo for the elbow.

In the 1990s, I used a Dunlop Tour Revelation, which I loved. I found the same racket for $30 online, and plan to get it restrung. This racket has the maximum rating for "control" labelled on the neck, so I assume it's flexible. Good. Next, I can afford whatever string I need. Should I get gut? Should I try to go to 48 or 50, to be safe? I can adjust my swing to whatever the racket shoots the ball out. The local store chrages $25 for a basic Syn Gut-17 Duraflex Prince set of strings. What ballpark price can I expect for top of the line GUT?

Any other general thoughts on this matter? I am also reading the entire archives of this string subforum next.

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