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Wow. Quite a bit to digest there! Did I regress from the video on top of this page?

The setup for the rally was that we were standing on opposite corners exchanging crosscourt forehands, so I suppose a large percentage of shots would be taken with me shifting to the left. Perhaps I should add a cone to which I would recover between shots, so I don't hang out in the corner, making the drill more realistic. Perhaps doing that has formed a bad habit.

Yes, you are spot on that I have an issue with inside out forehands. I do now see the issue of the dissipated energy. Kind of like the serve issue.

Cocked wrist- mea culpa

But really, thanks guys! I would never have spotted these details on my own. As I wrote above, I actually felt I was hitting pretty well. Will work on correcting the issues. Will also include recovery footwork after hitting.

Link for inspiration:

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