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Stepping aside from some of the subsequent discussion: like the OP, I feel like I am in NTRP Purgatory. Been a 3.5 for awhile, a long while. Many of my teammates were bumped up and, because of benevolent captains, I've had the opportunity to play up too. Admittedly...I've only had mixed success there, mostly, I think, because I've been asked to played singles (because no one else would/could) or with unfamiliar doubles partners (because my regulars are injured). At my rated level, though, I have little trouble.

But am I complaining? Heck no. I am most fortunate to be where I am in this station of life, in my personal life and on the tennis court. I'm lucky that my captains have me on their teams, regardless of the NTRP "number" beside my name....because of my on-court skill-set and my whole attitude towards the game.

So OP, I say to you, take what the computer gives you and run with it. Use any and every connection you have to find a team willing to take you on....and make it worth their while. Show up to any team practices, offer to organize them if no one else does, play with whoever wherever whenever....and you'll find you fit in. Whether you win at the new level or not. Adjustment may take a season or two, but it'll be fun. And that's what it's all about.

Cheers, mate...and keep us posted on how the USTA computer treats thee.
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