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AO: 8

Insane rallies, great drama and very clean hitting from both guys. Easily the best slam final of the year. Aside from Rafa really letting that fifth set break slip away, both guys were otherwise solid throughout the match.

FO: 5

Level of play from Novak was abysmal for much of the first two sets. Rafa played pretty steady. Was pretty neat seeing 2011 Novak steamroll through the third and take the early lead in the fourth. Rain delay was frustrating and seeing Novak dump balls into the net to lose his serve immediately was even more frustrating. Beginning of a fourth set hinted at the possibility of the match going the distance, but wasn't meant to be. Match ended on a pretty lousy note with Novak double-faulting. A lot of hype going into this match, ended up being a fairly disappointing final.

Wim: 6

Was awesome to see Murray playing great tennis for the first stretch of the match. Visibly took his foot off the pedal and let Fed get back into the match, but still played solid tennis throughout the match. A meh final

USO: 4

Both guys were tentative as hell for the first few sets, didn't make for very exciting tennis. Match picks up steam, sorta, as Novak gets more confident and starts ripping winners. The Murray choke of the second set was hard to watch, felt the entire time he was ready to take a page from his friend Cilic. Was good to see Murray win his maiden slam, albeit in a ugly fashion.
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