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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
No, i do not use shock worm, it takes away too much feel from the string bed. maybe i will try the sampras dampner, but nothing seem to match a good vibration absorbing replacement grips from my experience.

and do you think that Gamma Gel replacement grip is as good as the Wilson one you use ? I was told that Gammas gel is kind of their top of the line replacement grip now.
Silicone might help also. ( I'm not sure if PD2012 has filled handles. ) I think there both pretty good. The Gamma one i had was shortly on my old racquet for a little bit because it got sold a couple days after. Later after i sold it, i decided to try something new and found the Shock Sheild and just loved it. So thats basically my story on how i got the replacement grip. I cannot compare both at this moment but from what i remember from the Gamma Gel replacement grip was that it didn't absorb as much shock compared to Shock Sheild. I'm using polys right now btw.
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