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Originally Posted by TimeToPlaySets View Post
Why are Prokennex Kinetic better? I saw the 7.0 has a stiffness of 68. Seems high. What older models are also good? I might pick up a used one on Zbay, if it's older and cheaper.
I demo'ed a KI5 315 for a bit and finally bought two yesterday. They are not as stiff as they seem on paper. I feel them flex when pounding the ball. However, even if they are more stiff than people expect from a racquet for TE, the way they are constructed yields a really soft playing racquet that is excellent at removing vibrations and softening the impact on off-center hits. I think a lot of damage is done to tendons when shanking the ball and even the most flexible racquets can still send quite the shock to the elbow. What I found with the Ki5 is this shock is really well reduced.
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