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Default @@@@@----------The OFFICIAL Pro Kennex Ki5 Support and Discussion Thread--------@@@@@

Lately there has been a lot of threads all over the TW forums concerning the PK Ki5 frame. I recently bought 2 Ki5 315 and used this forum to get ideas and opinions to support my decision to use this stick. I always found the PSLGT support group to be very helpful and thought it would be great to have one for the KI5, which is much more popular. And considering that many migrate to this racquet because of arm and shoulder issues, having a centralized thread would be of great use to them.

Over time I will go through the forums and find the most relevant and interesting threads and highlight them here in the inaugural post.

TW User Feedback (Seems to combine the295 e 315 together)

User Reviews and General Discussions

About the "Sand" Sound
3X PK Ki5 315
Tour Bite Soft 17

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