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I bought 2 frames yesterday and weighed them before they were strung. Interestingly I measured one at 308g and the other at 310g. Strung with overgrip they come in at 331g and 333g. The racquet I used as a demo weighs in at 331g strung with overgrip.

While everywhere on the racquet I find 315, I think PK must be aiming for more like 310g +/- a few grams. Of course i am not using lab grade scales but the one in the shop and my scale at home have always agreed.

I don't know how significant the extra 5 or so grams is, but the racquets seem to play very well and handle heavy balls just fine. But I am interested to know if anyone ever got the 315 with an actual weight of 315g. Maybe 315 just sounds better than 310?
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