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Originally Posted by levy1 View Post
Ordered black from the bay and 3 sets in customers rackets broke at low tension within a few sets. Had to replace all at NC.
Its things like this that keep me purchasing quality nat. gut as I typically only stock Wilson or VS gut, and since it is expensive I charge appropriately for it and I don't have to worry about issues like what you have.Anyone can sell a racquet but the string job has your signature to it sort of speaking, so I offer the best I can so less chance of issues, as if I use a cheap product it reflects back on me. Bottom line if I spend my time to string, its only a quality string and I charge appropriately for it and if that what the customer wants then they know what it will cost.

Those 3 sets that you had to replace, cost you time and $ so how can offering a cheap product help anyone? My thoughts are if a customer wants nat. gut, offer a quality one and at a rate you are happy to string it at and all should be happy.If they want a cheap gut let them go some place else, and some one else can deal with those issues that come up that goes with it.
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