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[B][SIZE="4"] Anatoly Antipin

The more we tilt the racquet face forward (increase ϴ), the more efficient would be gyrospin and less effective sidespin.

If ϴ =45į then VGyrospin = VSidespin , but I doubt that one can hit successful twist serve with so large theta angle.

Btw, topspin component isnít affected by ϴ.

The theta angle also determines coordinates of the point of contact, see picture below.

Figure 4. The tilted forward racquet

IMO ϴ should be less than 30į and thus point of contact would be next to ballís equator, otherwise the ball goes into net.
I don't know about the math or physics, but I'm interested in trying out these ideas on the court. I can hit a twist serve, but I'd like to be able to mix it up and just hit a topspin serve so they don't get used to the sidespin. It sounds like tilting the racquet head forward should accomplish this.
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