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Originally Posted by ckcgary View Post
Very nice test report. Thanks a lot.

May I know that why you drop the new YTPS/YPTP from 52/50 to 44/42? You may got apple to apple result if comparing with same tension as fullbed of YPTS & YPTP at 52/50.
hi ckcgary

thanks alot for the response and im going to string my other PD with YPTS/YPTP @ 52/50 as this is my go to tension

my reason for such a tension drop is that the YPTS is so low powered and when i first strung it in a full bed @ 52/50 it was hard work hitting with it plus the depth of my shots were very very short so it was easy to get them picked off and after about 4 hours it started to stiffen up on me so i cut it out pronto.

i then used YPTS/SYNGUT @ 46/50 and that was alot better with more depth to my shots and more power but the syngut crosses kept moving about all over the show and i couldnt stand that so cut that out,dont get me wrong as its a very good setup and well worth a try.

hope you can see where im going with this and im playing with tension,s to see what works for me what doesnt.

cheers garry

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