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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Across N. London meanwhile, I see this morning that AVB is being given three matches to save his job courtesy of the press. How ridiculous is that? AVB, and Rodgers, Lambert and Laudrup too, all need to be given time to implement their strategies, skills, etc.
3 matches? That's absurd, AVB has barely been there and Spurs haven't been awful. In fact, they haven't been that bad. Could the results have been better? Sure. Today is a start.

You can't seriously expect changes and a 90 degree turn from the previous manager's style and way of running the club in a matter of a few matches, can you? Even if, such as in Laudrup's case, it's not a matter of changing a club's philosophy as much as it's simply going from strength to strength and continuing on the good work by the previous manager.

Shame on the media for another one of their witch-hunts, i think it's rather deplorable to be honest. Give the guy half a season at the very least, especially when his side play decent football throughout (the exception being Liverpool).
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