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I've said it before, but the lack of such simple things on the iPhone make it hard for me to use.

For instance, the lack of timestamps on every text message. In a world where you have information at your finger tips and everyone has busy work and social lives, to not be sure when messages were sent and received is shocking. No dates and times on photo's too. You can be looking through them, remembering the stories behind photo's you've taken, and have no idea about the date you took them.

Jailbreaking is an option, but now companies are blocking their apps on phones that have been jailbroken.

Every phone has it's good points and bad points, the Galaxy S3 and Android in general, you can make the little tweaks in seconds of getting it out the box.

I love my MacBook and Apple computers, it would be so much easier for me if the iPhone worked. Unfortunately, some simple things you've been used to on a phone for over 10 years aren't there. It's a shame.
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