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I have to disagree a little as I have really liked my new Android, but it is always the same issues with them. Basically they just start to get choppy and slow regardless of rooting, triple checking installed apps..etc. I have had an ipad for 2 years and the thing just works. No freezing..rarely ever an issue.

The problem with android is there is no uniform OS so people are waiting for things that may never get updated unless they root their phone. And to root this new EVO was pretty easy, but then to update the radios and other things takes serious have to install ubuntu as a safeguard to prevent bricking the phone, and its a pretty detailed process.

What I am saying is that the iOS for me just works. It is simple and easy and fast. That is what I need in a phone more than anything. So I am going to switch out of sprint (which is my main motivation..horrible network) and am doing some research on verizon and at&t.
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