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Originally Posted by jim e View Post
Its things like this that keep me purchasing quality nat. gut as I typically only stock Wilson or VS gut, and since it is expensive I charge appropriately for it and I don't have to worry about issues like what you have.Anyone can sell a racquet but the string job has your signature to it sort of speaking, so I offer the best I can so less chance of issues, as if I use a cheap product it reflects back on me. Bottom line if I spend my time to string, its only a quality string and I charge appropriately for it and if that what the customer wants then they know what it will cost.

Those 3 sets that you had to replace, cost you time and $ so how can offering a cheap product help anyone? My thoughts are if a customer wants nat. gut, offer a quality one and at a rate you are happy to string it at and all should be happy.If they want a cheap gut let them go some place else, and some one else can deal with those issues that come up that goes with it.
I will have to disagree with you. Most players agree that natural gut is one of the best string for tennis either full bed or in hybrid setups. The problem is they priced the product out of the market. Most players will not pay 50-60 for a gut setup. I started experimenting with less expensive alternatives. I strung a lot of Klip, Global, and Preformax with no problems and could price them at $35. Now that Pmaxx is unattainable I tried Mamba and a black gut on the bay. Both were unacceptable but I had informed the customers I was trying out new gut string and when they prematurely broke I strung everything up for free. Sure it cost me a little money but I saw it as a investment in the business and since I had informed them beforehand it was no issue. I am now importing a beautiful smooth gut, with excellent consistently and I have about $20 in it with shipping. Again I can give my customers the joy of a full bed and a gut poly combo at half the price and the gut will last twice as long as anything else out there. Not to mention all of the great properties of natural gut and gut/poly combos.
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