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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
This isn't baseball. 10lbs, 15lbs, 25lbs....why 25lbs? Unless you have a locked arm and swing from the elbow or arm every ball, its difficult to understand why you need to 'train' with a twisting force that is x35 more (25lbs) than the racquet. The purpose of the Flexbar is to strengthen and re-align the direction of the fibres in the tendon, not strength training for caber tossing. A huge part of prevention is technique related and staying loose. Correct that and its difficult to see why you would need a 25lbs twisting force over 10lbs or 15lbs.
I agree with you.

The blue pretty much strengthens the muscles and is not designed to rehabilitate tendons. In fact, if you have midly damaged tendons, the blue may cause more tearing.

Just as one is supposed to do rotator cuff rehab exercises with light weights (1 to 3 lbs), the flex bars for TE need to stay at lower resistance and be done at a very slow pace.

I personally do not see any need to go over the green.
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