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Originally Posted by Raphael View Post
One of the best matches I ever saw in terms of commentary was a QF? night match at the USOpen between Federer and Roddick where Agassi joined Mac and the studio goon in the booth. The 2 ex players gave really good insight about both players and the studio goon mostly stayed quiet. It was nice.
USO 2007 QF between Roddick and Fed. Agassi gave a witheringly frank appraisal of Roddick's game. Agassi and Mac were great (and I'm not a fan of Mac's commentary generally). Studio goon was smart enough to stay quiet and let Mac and Agassi talk.

Great match btw. Huge power and consistency from both guys. Both of them had like three times the winners as UFE. The first two sets were decided by just a couple of points. Both tie breakers.
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