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Originally Posted by GarryClarke View Post
cheers syke

and yes loads of spin but with the added power of the YPTP

had another 2 hours on court playing doubles and i was playing so well with it,
was the 1st time actually had a proper game and to say im impressed is an understatement
ive got one big smile on my face i can tell you,still cant believe hybriding the 2 would work so bloody well.

would like someone else to try this setup and add there thoughts (come on jim pull your finger out lol).

ive now put 4 hours on this setup and the tension is fine so its all good and even if it only last another couple of hours im more than happy to re-string,its cheap and im loving it

cheers garry
I'm hearing you mate, will get the YTPS/YTPP hybrid pronto sir! The YTPS/Syn gut is getting a bit tired so needs refreshing. Played well today but had a few balls fly on me which I attribute to the tension dropping below what is optimal. I hit some sweet stop volleys today which is not supposed to happen with the PD. Surprisingly this shot has come into my repetoire since changing from the DUNLOPS, not sure why but its a positive for me.

Back on topic think I will go 46/44 on the hybrid, that should be about right for the combination of power/control/spin I am looking for. Checking out Pro Kennex frames for the arm benefits. Ki 5 and the new Q5 look interesting. Demos a challenge as always!
Prince Response 97 with gut/poly@54/50
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