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I think it is is a lot of things that make the "it" factor. One thing I have noticed is personality. Tennis is a repetitive sport. You do the same thing over and over. It seems like a lot of the kids who are good have a personality that suits that. They are kids that will go outside and hit on the wall over and over again for long periods of time because they like doing it.
It's funny that you say that because my son who in my eyes has "it" or something like it has a personality steeped in perseverance. It was evident as early as an infant but it really stood out to me when he was 3 or 4 and was invited to a birthday party at an ice skating rink. He had never been skating before. After the party there was free skate time and he wanted to try. He would fall repeatedly after the first couple of steps but refused to use one of those walker aids. I was concerned because it was open skate time and there were adults and teenagers flying by him and he was so small. But even as he continued to fall he refused to get off the ice. Within an hour and a half he was skating around the entire rink. He's like that in tennis and in life. If he wants to learn something or improve something he pushes himself until he reaches his goal. Even if he hears "no" from me or his dad, he doesn't go away quietly. He will argue his position until he's blue in the face. I find it an admirable personality trait that will serve him well in life. I also think that he has a touch of OCD.
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