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That's fascinating Manaldo, thanks for your insight. I'm doing this digging to try and find the best setup for an ATP player. I'm pretty sure now that there are different layups of the H22, Djokovic's and Gulbis' must be different stiffnesses. I think Gulbis H22 is stiffer like pt57e and these other ones that flex more around 59 or so must be flexier layups.

The three H22's in open pattern that I own flex at 64 but play much stiffer than that would suggest. Stiff head with resultant small sweetspot but a serious cannon when you find it!

The pt57a's that I own are much softer, buttery soft. One of the best feeling racquets that I have ever hit. Almost completely different from my H22's. Underpowered versus almost babolat powered, chalk and cheese really. Massive spin from the h22 though and a seriously heavy ball!

My Blade pro stocks are more pt57e like than the h22's, you can feel the racquet flex in the throat and the head doesn't feel as stiff. Next stop h19, which I hear has a slightly stiffer head than the pt57a and is hence more powerful but I suspect at the cost of having a smaller sweet spot?
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