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Originally Posted by directionals View Post
If the ball is struck at above the equator, then I don't understand why people say hit the ball from 8 o'clock to 2 o'clock. Shouldn't that be 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock then?
If you knew nothing about how to hit a kick serve, and I gave you this information (this thread) to teach you, how likely do you think you will be able to learn it? The answer is very unlikely.

People need simple cues and simple directions to do what they need to do, then let the body figure out the rest itself in a way that is comfortable.

If I told you 10 to 2, then you won't be aiming for much of a vertical factor in your swing. As a result, you will have trouble getting the ball over the net and getting the kick you want (especially when hitting the ball "above the equator").

If your kick serve has no kick to it, then returning the serve is about as difficult as returning a slice serve, it's not an issue unless you disguise both serves to look the same and vary your placement very well. It's the kick that makes it a problem. The "twist" just confuses inexperienced players and makes it look pretty.
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