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Default I've been watching some Roddick 2003 matches lately

I just recently saw Agassi vs. Roddick in Queens Club 2003 (roddick won, last two sets were close but roddick blew out agassi in the first).

Something I immediately noticed was Roddick looked younger haha and was wearing Reebok.

I noticed that his serves had a lot more pace back then and he was pretty efficient with it. However, his groundstrokes were horrible.
His backhand was surprisingly a lot better than I remember it was back then, he hit quite a few winners with it. His forehand was extremely erratic, had a few nice winners but it didn't blow me away.

But when it came to RETURNS, wowzers... i was surprised that he had trouble returning agassi's serve. Most of his returns always hit the net.

To be perfectly honest, I was only about 10 when roddick had that great year in 2003 and I thought he was a great player (I may have overhyped him myself in my head).

What did you think of Roddick when he became nearly unstoppable when he linked up with brad gilbert from 2003 queens cup to the end of the us open (i believe his record was 37-2 during that stretch or something), did you think he was the real deal?

I remember watching him and I knew he was not going to win 10 grand slams or so (like many people were expecting). i was expecting 5 and at best 8. I thought roddick would win 2-3 wimbledons, one australian open (maybe, he kept making semis for a few years), and one or two us opens.

I think now I realize how Roddick was overhyped back then, I guess the match I watched opened that up for me but then I saw the match against ferrero in the US open final and I felt that roddick's groundstrokes improved drastically for the second half of that year.

Feel free to post any comments about my very long thread lol. I am just wondering how you guys responded to roddick's breakout year and if you felt he was going to win multiple slams AT the time.

Wimbledon 2004 Final. The fearless, hard hitting, fiery young 21 year old Andy Roddick.
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