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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
The South Bank location suggested by Ash is an excellent location for somewhere half-way house between O2 and the West End.

Not sure if you've seen the guide below? Might give you some ideas. Also has ideas for things to do, attractions etc.
tx for the link! Very helpful indeed

Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
LovaLova - welcome to London!

You might get better value going nearer the 02 and travelling back into town when you need to then. The Aloft at London Excel is really nice and just over the river from the 02 and the Ramada Docklands (which is next door is good too - I've stayed at both), however, I would expect that given the location these might be full too!

Closest you'll get to your budget is probably not as glam as the Marriot County Hall, but in the same building so the location is great! You're probably looking at 150 per night though (that's about as good as it gets for a hotel in central london you'll actually want to sleep in!

Actually it's all about my wife now. She agreed to travel to London and to watch 1 or 2 games but she has to profit of the vacation in London, which means staying in the city. Btw I told her that we had to take the boat to got to the O2 she was quite happy about it cause they say it's very pretty for seightseeing!
Again Ash tx a lot for your tips
This hotel you're proposing is definetly a good value!
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