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Originally Posted by TimeToPlaySets View Post
So, perhaps the analog in tennis is the guy who hits moderate topspin and is consistent with the occassional hard winner, slam, ace, etc. vs. a true pusher who can't even hit topspin has no 2nd serve but can win b/c they slap everything back. For the latter, it really is hard to admit he's better than you. But, it's chear the former is a better player than you.
From reading these boards a long time (rarely posting) the cutoff for being a good player is the 100+MPH serve.
Nothing else matters.

I was a disciple of the Church of Big Serves as well, hardly working on any other parts of my game, until a rotator cuff surgery forced me to use very slow spin serves, I worked on improving other parts of my game, and haven't looked back.
Never enjoyed Tennis more, now that I am not a hostage of the "BIG" Serve anymore.
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