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Originally Posted by DRII View Post

the last two were nail biters.

Its about time Vick has some protection (they still need to do a better job with this)! When he's on he takes QBing to new levels but he's inconsistent, like Venus Williams or Lew Hoad in tennis (at peak no one can't beat them, but they don't maintain their best form)
1st time in NFL history to win first 2 games by 1 point. LETS GO BIRDS, make that 6 in a row now.
defense looked very good, and I think the offense was good despite all the injuries and turnovers, a couple were flukes..
i agree, seems like vick is on the ground after every single play, what the hell! regardless they go into arizona this sunday with a better than average chance to go 3-0

good stat, last time the eagles were 2-0 to start the season they went to the superbowl..
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