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Default Merrell Barefoot Run Road Glove

Now that I run and train in minimalist footwear, I decided to experiment with "zero drop" shoes on the tennis court. Although my favorite shoe is Asics Onituska Tiger Tai Chi (viturally a slipper), I chose Asics Mexico 66 (which is a little more substantial). NOTE: I line the footbed of my shoes with PPT foam padding (medical quality) to absorb shock.

Playing in the Mexico 66s was all good, except the soft bottoms were nearly worn out after a couple hours on the hard court. A little online research pointed me to the Barefoot Run Road Gloves, for their unsurpassed combination of performance and durability. I'm glad they did.

The Barefoot Run Road Gloves are not only my new tennis shoes, I wear them daily for CrossFit training and running as well. I believe these shoes are candidates to become the first minimalist tennis shoe (with a couple minor adjustments).
Head Graphene Prestige Pro Babolat VS Natural ThermoGut 16 Touch String Black Merrell Barefoot Run Road Glove shoes
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