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Originally Posted by fantom View Post
It's going to be tough for sure for another conference to win the "National Championship". I'd like to see a team from another conference get a chance, at least, for starters.
Me too. I lived in Charleston, SC for a number of years and have always had a soft spot for Clemson and I really like their current coach. I would like to see them erase the last decade of ACC mediocrity, as I'm an ACC guy by geography and undergrad (Va Tech). I would also like to see Oregon do it because:

1. BigServer is my TW homie and deserves a national title
2. Anyone that beats USC is okay in my book and Oregon has been the Pac 12's best for a few years now
3. Can't stand Stoops and Oklahoma and really, really don't want them to break the stranglehold

However, r2 tells me that Iowa is right on the brink of greatness.
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