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Some information on Hoad. Yes I know it's wikipedia but it seems to be okay.

Incidentally Vainqueurs has Hoad winning 42 tournaments in his career. The total is probably higher.

Hoad was obviously a great physical specimen who could inspire awe with his almost inhuman shotmaking. Was his best better than anyone else? Possibly but we cannot ever prove that. However the fact I think it is a possibility show how talented I believe he was. I would not write that about Djokovic for example or Federer although I think they are very talented players. But it begs the question was the reason that he reached these great levels also a function of his high risk style and perhaps others like perhaps a Frankie Kovacs could have reached these heights if they played the same sort of high risk style. Bobby Riggs for example thought Kovacs' best was arguably the best and some others also believe that.

It's clear in majors that Hoad was not invincible. In classic majors he was 2-2 with his rival Ken Rosewall and he had poor record in the Pro Majors. To be fair I believe he was perhaps past his best when he reached the finals of the Pro Majors in the 1960's.
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