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Question Will my TOES ever fully recover?

Hey everyone,
So I play tennis 4-5 times a week very competitively, for at least 3 hours at a time. I played in a tournament this past weekend and played 7 matches in 2 days. I wear size 15 shoes and my toes are perpetually blistered, calloused, black nails, losing nails, etc. I even have a "compounded" black nail, that seems to be layers upon layers of nail growth upon each other. I'm currently wearing Nike Vapor 9's and they are comfortable while on the court, but after a few days of hard play, my toes continue to hurt. I then take a couple days off, and repeat the cycle.
Any advice/tips to break this cycle?
Consider a pedicure? I use level 2 Thorlos and have tried creams, powders, gels, etc. Is it more about the shoe/socks/style of play. Anyone else have this problem?
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