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Default Some stats on Lew Hoad in 1959

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Interesting you wrote that.

Let's look at 1959 from Joe's book. These are the tournaments Hoad entered.

Victorian Pro Champs
Hoad beat Trabert after a bye.
Loss to Gonzalez next round.
Loss to Segura for third place

Queensland Pro Champs
Hoad beat Cooper in first round
Loss to Trabert in the next round.
Gonzalez beat Hoad for third place

Western Australian Pro Champs
Impressive win.
Hoad beat Segura, Rosewall and Cooper to win the tournament

NSW Pro Champs
Hoad beat Anderson in the quarters after a bye
Loss to Gonzalez in the next round.
Rosewall beat Hoad for third place

South Australian Pro Champs
Hoad beat Rose, Trabert and Rosewall to win the tournament

World Pro Champs also US Pro
Hoad beat Riggs in quarters after bye
Hoad beat Segura
Hoad lost to Gonzalez in straights

Masters Round Robin
Gonzalez and Hoad finished with identical w-l if 5-1 but Gonzalez won the tournament because he defeated Hoad

O'Keefe Pro Champs
Hoad beat Rose in the first round
Sedgman beat Hoad in semi
Gonzalez won the tournament by beating Sedgman

Tournament of Champions
Impressive win by Hoad in defeating Anderson, Rosewall and Gonzalez to win the tournament

Hoad played a tour which according to McCauley was won by Trabert. Rosewall and Sedgman also played.

French Pro Champs
Hoad beat Molloy in the first round easily
Hoad beat Rose in the quarters
Hoad lost to Sedgman in four sets in the semi.
Trabert won the tournament over Sedgman
Hoad beat Rosewall for third

London Pro Indoor Champs at Wembley
Hoad beat Horn-first round
Hoad lost to Segura in the quarters
Hoad beat Rose for fifth

Paris Round Robin
Hoad finished with a 1-2 record with Sedgman, Rosewall and Trabert participating. Sedgman won the tournament with a 3-0 record with Rosewall second at 2-1.

South Australian Round Robin
Hoad won with a 3-0 record Sedgman 2-1 Gonzalez 1-2 and Hartwig 0-3

NSW Pro Champs
Hoad beat Rose in the first round
Hoad beat Anderson in the Semi
Hoad lost to Gonzalez in the final in straight sets

Queensland Pro Champs
Hoad beat Cooper in the first round
Rosewall beat Hoad in the semi
Rosewall beat Gonzalez in the final

Judge for yourself if 1959 is dominant.

Yes I didn't include the tour but you already know the record there which is 42-20 won-lost with Gonzalez, Anderson and Cooper. Gonzalez finished 47-15 but lost his head to head 13-15 to Hoad.

Incidentally which two Pro Majors did he win?
Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Here's the stats
Hoad in tournament play in 1959 according to McCauley
Three tournaments won in thirteen attempts.
A 25-14 record.

If you count the tournament in early 1960 as part of 1959
Then it's four tournaments in fourteen attempts
A 29-15 record.

He lost a tour in which Trabert, Rosewall and Sedgman participated.

He finished 42-20 on a tour with Gonzalez, Anderson and Cooper
Gonzalez had the best record at 47-15 on this tour but lost 13-15 to Hoad in their individual encounters. Cooper was third at 21-40 and Anderson was fourth at 13-48.

There was also another tour in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Lyon, Marseille and Berlin. Hoad finished third. Sedgman won with 18 wins, 9 losses followed closely by Rosewall with 17 wins, 10 losses, Hoad far behind with 11 and Trabert trailing everyone with 8.

Is this a dominant year?

Just some information on Hoad's year of 1959 in which he had another tour with Pancho Gonzalez and also toured with Cooper and Anderson.

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