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Default transition from 10 under to 12 and above

Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post

User "licensedcoach" is a generic login given to all LTA licensed coaches in the UK and is therefore likely to be a different person each time! Just so you know!

I'll have a look at the Macci articles and see how they fit with my own thoughts!

Couple loose ends:

Majority of articles THERE do NOT have time stamps

As I have said above the flip is the "latest addition" for Macci et al
It is taught at some clubs in Massachustts as well (with a limited success)
I have to deal with this issue lately.

I used to have a login name julian at
Now I use from some red tape reason the user name julian1

USTA supports some effort (plus possible documents) about
a transition from 10 under to 12 and above

Please see
as well
There is a presentation by Jose Higueras and Patrick McEnroe
Maybe a presentation by Macci (not sure)

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