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Can not wait to see FSU play Clemson. We owe these guys a serious beating and it has to happen this year. Yes we have played easy teams so far but what we did to Wake (who beat us last year) Saturday has me very very optimistic. I watched college football all day and the only team that I think is just scary as an FSU fan is Alabama due to their line play.

I think you have to press their WRs, not give them those medium timing routes, and focus on shutting down that runner. Force their QB to show he can throw deeper balls. I'd love to see FSU take on Alabama in the NT if we can keep this mo going. Jimbo is a Saban disciple and he has taken us from garbage to gold on both sides of the line. With the advent of the spread, and so much talent to recruit RBs and WRs from, college football titles seem to hinge mainly on Dline and Oline play now.

Look at OSU versus Cal. OSU is an ok team, rebuilding. But Cal has no depth on the lines and their D was caught out of position at the end due to cheating on the run.

I am really impressed by stanfords win over USC, but I am not sure if they have the horses to play that power game against an SEC team or not. See ORE V LSU last year. I am very interested in the Stanford ORE game, because I think Stanford is built to drive a truck through ORE in the 4th quarter if they can hang around in the 1st 3.
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