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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
Me too. I lived in Charleston, SC for a number of years and have always had a soft spot for Clemson and I really like their current coach. I would like to see them erase the last decade of ACC mediocrity, as I'm an ACC guy by geography and undergrad (Va Tech). I would also like to see Oregon do it because:

1. BigServer is my TW homie and deserves a national title
2. Anyone that beats USC is okay in my book and Oregon has been the Pac 12's best for a few years now
3. Can't stand Stoops and Oklahoma and really, really don't want them to break the stranglehold

However, r2 tells me that Iowa is right on the brink of greatness.
Thanks Kevin...I'd love to see Oregon win it as well, for obvious reasons.

I just have no idea what to think of our team right now. We haven't played anyone (effing Kansas State...), and we lost two of our best and most experienced players (Boyett and York) to injuries.

USC looks beatable, but they also might go on an EFF YOU! tear through the conference. They're definitely talented enough. Stanford all of a sudden looks terrifying, though we've had their number the last two years.

The Pac all of a sudden looks interesting...Arizona scores at will, UCLA looks legit, Oregon State plays very solid defense, and obviously the big three trio of Oregon, SC and Stanford make the top half of the conference very legit. We'll see who comes through.

In all seriousness, I don't see anyone beating Bama/LSU for the title. Bama specifically has made good teams look absolutely silly. I'm sick of the SEC domination, but there's not a question about who the best league is.
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