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Default Playtesters: New PK frame feedback?

Hey guys, I realize you likely won't be doing much in the way of official reviews and such on these sticks, but the descriptions of some of the new Pro Kennex offerings indicate you guys might have had a swing or two with them ("Our playtesters found that the frame offered..."). Just curious if any of you have any initial thoughts on some interesting looking new frames, particularly the Pro Kennex Black Ace Mid 2012 version (lighter swingweight, slightly added stiffness and thickness?) and the Q5 offerings, which by spec appear to be slightly stiffer, maybe more powerful offerings of the 5G/7G/Ki5 series?

Just wondering if any of you have any thoughts on these frames, particularly how they might compare to their predecessors (the Ace Mid to the previous Ace Mid; the Q5 light and heavy versions feel and ball action compared to 5G/7G/Ki5)... Or maybe they're more comparable to other sticks in a different line?

The Black Ace Mid and PK 7G are two of my all time favorite sticks, so I'm wondering about these PK newbies since they aren't up for demoing quite yet.

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