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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
The cream of the Pac 12 looks really good...and then there is Colorado. Holy cow, are they terrible. When I was in high school, CU was top notch and the day after Thanksgiving game against Nebraska actually mattered. They got smoked by Fresno State and lost to Sacramento State?!

UCLA looks better than they have in many years. Offensive attack was a machine against Nebraska. It's only dreaming on my part but I would love to seem them beat USC.

The top SEC teams have rough games coming up. Georgia probably has the easiest path with only two top 10 opponents in the gamecocks and gators. SC has Georgia, LSU and Florida back to back to back and finishes with Clemson...Ouch. Bama and LSU play early November and might get another rematch for the title game.

As for my Cats, Barnhart is hearing whispers of Bobby Petrino at UK. Hey, we already sold our souls to the devil on Coach Cal, why not go 'all in'.
Crazy to think that it's only been 10 years since Colorado was going to BCS games. They are a sorry excuse for a DI program. The rest of the Pac-12 at least has something redeeming about each team.

I have such a love/hate relationship with the SEC. I respect the football, but it gets old seeing them dominate. I think Alabama would hold their own against the Cleveland Browns right now, but they have a brutal schedule this year...We'll see if they can navigate it with only one loss (12-1 gets them or LSU into the title game imo).

Petrino at UK? Whoooo boy get ready for some scandals! Bobby P will find some co ed that he fancies and put her on his motorcycle. Where have I heard this story before...
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