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Originally Posted by sphinx780 View Post
So, in the U.S., the divorce rate is 50%. Making it a coin flip if they stay together. Is that stable? Do you assume that couples making the same commitment but not filing the paperwork are certain to break up over 50% of the time? Would your viewpoint change on couples that exchange rings but do not proceed with an official marriage filing?

Just curious as to what part of the marriage process signifies more stable to you.
Yes, the studies have shown that living together is far less stable and not nearly as good for children as marriages.
Of course there are many exceptions, just as there are many exceptions to children of single parents not doing as well. Overall, however, the chances of the children of couples living together of being happy and successful is significantly lower than the children of married couples.

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50%? you still beleive that nonsense stat? It's probabaly more like 33%
It is around 50% for all marriages and around 33% for first marriages. So something like 2/3 of people are successful at marriage. People who aren't successful at first marriages tend not to be so successful at second (and third, and 4th) marriages.

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