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Originally Posted by GrandSlam45 View Post
I agree with you about the subtlety of this racquet's power. The more I hit with it, the more I love it. I've been playing with a demo thus far, so I can't wait to buy one and modify it to suit my needs.

So you recommend adding lead to the handle, but not the hoop? Does this give the frame more power or better balance?
Once you get your racquet, there's nothing wrong with trying different configurations, like putting lead on the handle or the butt cap. I've tried putting lead in the butt cap before to counterbalance my lead in the hoop, but I didn't particularly like the results. That doesn't mean it won't work for everyone. Go ahead and try it, as long as it's reversible. I did put a heavier grip on my racquet (Wilson Shock Shield). I don't think it improved the way it played, but do like the feel of the new grip, so I'm keeping it.

When you look at the specs, the Ki 5 is 7 pts headlight, which means the balance point is 7/8" below the middle of the frame. This makes it more headlight than the vast majority of racquets they sell at TW. Contrast that to the Pure Drive, which is 4 pts headlight. It seems to me that the stock Ki 5 is plenty head light as it is.

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