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Originally Posted by colan5934 View Post
Gave this string a try over the weekend in the 1.25 diameter. 58 pounds in my PDR. It's a good string. I still have to adjust to it a bit just because it's a bit different from my regular Tour Bite 1.25. It's dead-feeling but soft. Much more spin than expected too. Control is decent. It's hard to reign in the power of the PDR, and I would string it a couple of pounds higher or switch to the 1.30 diameter. There was not necessarily a lack of control, but an excess of's difficult to explain. Oh, and the tennis ball yellow color is nice too. Basically, it was a nice test, and I hope it plays well until it breaks, which looks like it will be another 3 hours or so for a total of 7 or 8 hours (average for me).

Compared to Tour Bite in the same gauge:
Spin: Tour Bite
Control: Tour Bite
Feel: Poly Tour Pro
Power: Poly Tour Pro
Durability: Even
Tension Maintenance: Even--I strung a set of each on the same day and played them fairly equally this weekend, and the tension for the Tour Bite is reading 47 on rackettune while the Yonex is 48.

From my experience with both string, your review is dead-on. Both are great strings, but I went with the PTP because I love the color and that little bit better feel.
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