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Originally Posted by urban View Post
Can someone give the known numbers of Hoad for 1959, not selective results but all tournaments played plus the main hth tours? From what i have read in other threads, he did well considering the strong opposition, but wasn't dominant. It seems, that all the top contenders in 1959, Gonzalez, Hoad, Rosewall and even Sedgman were pretty close, and indeed the contemporary rankings by Kramer, Anderson and other promoters and players were anything but unanimous. If i am right, then Hoad ranked from 1 to 4, regarding the rankings, and mostly Gonzalez was ranked Nr. 1.
The "selective" results were drawn together as they represent the Ampol World Championship Tour, designed to determine the overall world champion. Thus, the top pros concentrated their efforts on winning these 14 tournaments. That is why they have been collected, and they show that Hoad dominated, 34 wins against 13 losses.
Together with a 42-20 record on the American pro championship tour, Hoad's overall record for the two world championships is 76 wins and 33 losses, an overwhelming lead over the other players.
Yes, I consider this a greater year for Hoad in 1959 than Laver's numbers in 1969, considering the differences in the quality of the respective fields.
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