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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
If McEnroe is Lendl's biggest rival, was McEnroe's biggest rival Lendl?
Tough to say. Lendl, Connors and Borg all have good cases to be McEnroe's biggest rival. I was more certain that Lendl's biggest rival was McEnroe because McEnroe was the best player in that period where Lendl was looking to take over as the world's best.

When McEnroe was looking to become the world's best, Borg stood in his way, but McEnroe and Borg got along personally and the rivalry was shortlived due to Borg's early departure from the sport. McEnroe's rivalry with Connors was fiery and intense, while McEnroe's rivalry with Lendl was more of a disdain for one another. McEnroe and Lendl are from the same generation, so that's something else to take into account.

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