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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Dan, are you the CEO of this Ampol company or something? I can't get over how many times you've mentioned Ampol on these forums, more times than CBS/NBC mention sponsors on their tennis broadcasts.
That is because the sources stress AMPOL, the giant oil company and financial partner of Kramer. The points the players earned for their placing in the designated tournaments were called "Ampol points" by the press coverage, and the Toronto Star referred to them as "crucial Ampol points".
Even McCauley makes reference to "Final AMPOL points standings after 5 tournaments", where he appears to mistakenly believe that the Ampol series terminated in Feb. 1959, rather than continuing (from Jan. 10, 1959 to Jan. 7, 1960).
The final points after the final event (Kooyong 1960) determined the share of bonus money each player received.
When Hoad semi-retired in Jan 1960, it appears that Ampol severed its partnership with the Kramer tour, and the 14 tournament schedule of the 1959 season became the precursor of Kramer's 1969 Grand Prix proposal.
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