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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
The pro tour had some financial difficulties in the early 1960s. Sponsors left, Jack March's finances went belly up as the US Pro got extremely weak by the time Buchholz won the tournament in 1962, and the tournament had to leave Cleveland. Holding it in Forest Hills the following year was a financial disaster, with none of the players paid apart from Gonzales negotiating a $5,000 appearance fee to come out of retirement. The French Pro had to leave Roland Garros and move to the Stade Coubertin. I believe even Jack Kramer himself resigned around this time and handed over control to Tony Trabert.

Thank goodness for Laver's arrival in the pros and Gonzales returning, eh?
Kramer apparently resented Hoad's semi-retirement, which cost the tour much credibility.
Kramer attempted to sign Laver in 1961 to play a tour against Rosewall in 1962, Laver refused, thinking his value would go up the following year.
Kramer, with no tour on tap for 1962, retired in 1961 and handed the reigns over to Trabert.

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