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^Yes. But watch out. There is a conspiracy afoot to discredit cotton. They will tell you cotton gives you blisters. They will tell you cotton does not breathe, and that the only thing that breathes is a petroleum product that they make for almost nothing out of refuse and sell to you at a great profit.

Cotton is on the chopping block. So stock up. I did.

I'm half kidding. Which naturally means I am half-serious. Thanks, BP for having the guts to even suggest cotton. The military~industrial~entertainment~sporting complex might come after you, though. I pray for your safety.

That said, I do like everything about VitalSocks/EuroSox. No slip. Well-made. Durable. Some cushioning. Lots of compression.

Uhm, EDIT... actually Nike sox are awesome! They did not pay me to say that. They just offered not to hurt my family.

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