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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Mal Anderson only brought the result of the 14 tournament tour but never said that Hoad was generally the No.1 in 1959.
Have you seen the full World Tennis article, not just the quote in McCauley? I have not, but I suspect it contains much more than we see here.
However, let me quote Anderson (in McCauley)

"Kramer established a tournament points system TO DECIDE THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD"
"The Pros played in 14 tournaments with the winner earning 7 points,, the runner-up 4 points, third place 3, 4th place 2, and each quarter-fianlist 1 point each. This resulted in the following FINAL POSITIONS--
1) Hoad
2) Gonzales
3) Rosewall
4) Sedgman
5) Trabert
6) Anderson
7) Segura

So, the whole purpose of the Ampol series was to determine the world ranking of the constituent professional players.
The bonus money pool was distributed according to the point system, and The New York Times and London Times report on the money following the Jan. 7, 1960 conclusion of the tour.
As you can see, finishing first gave a huge 7 points, 3 more points than 2nd place.
Hoad won six tournaments, so he had a bulge over the field (Gonzales in second place had four tournament wins.)
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