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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Most of those "slam dunks" aren't even lobs intended to go over Sampras. He generally performed that move for effect.

I think I saw him try it vs. Haas one match and it wasn't nearly close to the hops Sampras got
But since nobody has measured, we'll never know. I'm sure Federer can jump plenty high.

Fed has more endurance.. But thats mainly because Sampras had a blood disorder which zapped a lot of his endurance away.
Mainly? Federer lays waste to a line of hitting partners in 120 degree weather. The man is a phenom.

Sampras could also dunk a basketball on the standard 10 foot rim. . I highly doubt Roger can
Also? You already mentioned Sampras' vertical leaps. In fact that's all you've given him.

Athleticism- Pete by a country mile
Nonsense. Nobody moves or has ever moved on a tennis court with the quickness and anticipation of Federer. It's not even close. His first movement to the ball is lightning quick and his footwork his unparalleled.

And I've watched a lot of and appreciate Sampras. You're a fanboy without any objectivity.
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