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Originally Posted by GrandSlam45 View Post
I agree with you about the subtlety of this racquet's power. The more I hit with it, the more I love it. I've been playing with a demo thus far, so I can't wait to buy one and modify it to suit my needs.

So you recommend adding lead to the handle, but not the hoop? Does this give the frame more power or better balance?
The hoop of the Ki5 is surprisingly stable even against heavy hitting 5.5s. So there is really no need to add lead at 3 and 9 to help torsional stability. If you want more power you can add a little lead at 12 to increase swingweight, but for TE I would think keeping a lower swingweight will be better for the elbow. More swingweight means the muscles (and thus tendons) have to deal with more moment of inertia, acceleration, and then deceleration. If you want to add lead, I would suggest putting some right in the throat area to increase plow thru, most likely right around the balance point as the racquet already has a nice balance. This will also help soften the impact the most. I would only put lead on the handle if the racquet is too light and head light for you. Lead in the handle really just increases the static weight, but the static weight of the 315 is fine as is. Only if you find yourself hitting regularly with heavy hitting ballcrushers would you need the extra mass in the handle.

I see you are still interested in getting more power out of the Ki5. Drop the tension a few pounds and prepare early to take a good fast smooth swing at the ball and transfer your weight into the shot and you will be amazed at just how hard the stock Ki5 can hit a tennis ball. The real challenge becomes how to hit the ball with enough spin and low enough trajectory to keep the ball in.
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