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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Lots of very bad information being thrown around here today. Not true that it does not mean ayything. Maybe a Level 2 vs 3 does not mean as much, but a 1 vs 3 sure as heck does!

A Level 3 can be a person who never even taught a lesson in their lives! A Level 2 has to prove to very stringent instructors that they know how to teach all aspects of the game. Night and day difference!

A level 3 takes that even further, with more tests and also a proven track record of FULL TIME employment lasting 3-5 years. Actual paying customers.

Believe me to get a Level 1 they check you out behind the scenes and talk to some of your customers.
I am level 3 not 1 because I failed to hit one more drop shot out of 10 that bounced twice before it hit the 1/2 way before service line. if you fail this silly part of the exam you are level 3. sometimes you are not 100% spot on with your drop shots, you have a bad day, your feeder is off, you are nervous etc.... if it pops and passes the designated line with one bounce it counts against you, very hard to do if you are not a touch player and very accurate. NOT sure what this has to do with teaching though

I heard once at IMG they were giving level one like candy to anyone that took the test, could be wrong. It all depends on the testers and how lenient they are that given day, I think,

now master professional is the highest and they take that status pretty seriously, there are only two in our state and honestly my style of coaching is more modern than them but they have been coaching for 50 plus years.

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