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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
No seriously. It's probably between Becker, McEnroe, Connors and Wilander.

If McEnroe is Lendl's biggest rival, was McEnroe's biggest rival Lendl?
Connors was past his prime before Lendl came into his. Although Connors continued to compete for another 7-8 years after he was passed his prime, he was clearly not as great as he was in the 70's up to 82'.

You might make the same argument for McEnroe. Lendl's prime began in about 1984. After 1984, Mac's level of play dropped off just enough to make him something less than an all time great from there on out. IMO, it was caused by cocaine abuse. If not for that, both McEnroe's and Lendl's careers would not look like they do in retrospect.

Wilander's prime coincided with Lendl's and, IMO, Lendl was clearly the better player.

Becker's peak also coincided with Lendl's, although Becker was a bit younger. Becker may have had a slightly higher level of play at his absolute peak, but, Lendl was the more consistent champion between the two.

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